Live edge timber sales

Live edge timber sales have become much more popular recently as people look for ways to include more natural-looking sections of wood in their designs. Live edge timber sales involve the sale of timber with the live parts still intact -  including the bark and the outer rings. As such, live edge wood has a very different aesthetic to wood you might find exiting a regular saw mill in Dorset. Timber sales in Hampshire allow people to buy live wood to use for practically any purpose, including making incredible, bespoke furniture.


Before New Forest timber can be sold, it needs to be dried. Air dried timber sales make up a large proportion of the market because of the need to reduce the moisture content of the wood. Failing to dry waney edge timber appropriately will cause the wood to degrade and warp over time, making it less useful as a construction material.


Why might you want to go to live edge timber sales in Dorset? What is the appeal of New Forest timber? How can it help you create better artisanal products?


The main appeal is that you can pick up professionally-prepared pieces of live edge wood that can be made into all manner of bespoke items. Live edge timber retains the natural, organic appearance of the wood, making it the perfect complement for any person wanting to include more organic features in their home. Timber sales in Dorset allow you to pick up wood to use as furniture components or even cladding materials. Live edge timber looks great and can be deployed to unique effect. Many people use air dried timber sales to pick up live edge wood to combine with modern finishes in their homes, like sheet glass, creating a fusion of old and new.


New Forest timber is of high quality. Sourced from sustainable from ancient woodland, New Forest timber provides you with a unique and quality rustic effect from one of England’s oldest forestry resources. Many of the trees in the New Forest are hundreds of years old, providing striking ring features and natural motifs. You can transform wood from this part of the country into beautiful items of furniture.


Timber Sales Hampshire


Timber sales in Hampshire help to connect buyers to beautiful timber in the country. Hampshire, located in southwest England, is surrounded by ancient forests which yield unique and attractive wood. A timber yard in Hampshire can provide you with all kinds of unique pieces of wood to fashion into bespoke items, either for your use, or to sell through a business. All rustic timber in Hampshire goes through an air-drying process which helps to increase longevity and discourage blight. It also helps the wood retain the same shape throughout its lifetime. Once the process is complete, the timber either stays in Hampshire or goes to a saw mill in Dorset for processing.


Many people also like rustic timber in Dorset. Rustic timber in Dorset has a distinct character and comes complete with gnarly knots, exposed bark, and beautiful, outer rings - perfect for decorative items. Just like rustic timber in Hampshire, it retains the natural organic feel of the wood, making it the ideal complement for people who want to recreate a woodland or organic feel inside their homes.


Worried about where you’ll find timber sales in Hampshire? There are plenty of places that you can go to pick up live edge wood. Timber yards in Hampshire are one example of a place where you can find a variety of exciting and unique live edge pieces, although there are many other places.


Waney edge timber is another type of wood you’re likely to find at a sale in Hampshire or at timber sales in Dorset. Waney edge timber follows the natural curve of the tree from which it was cut. As it goes through the sawmill, the log is separated into different sections, with each part maintaining the natural features and shape of the wood. Once cut into sections, the wood is then treated to protect the natural edge from decay and damage during its life.


Timber prepared in this way and available for collection at timber sales in Dorset, not only helps to preserve the character of the original tree but can be used to stunning effect. You can collect all kinds of different live edge pieces of wood from timber sales across the South West, allowing you to create a variety of interesting artisanal products. How will you use this fascinating type of wood?

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