Live edge table

If you’re looking for sustainable, natural-looking tables to complement your home’s existing decor, then you might benefit from a live edge table.


The term “live edge table” refers to a table that incorporates a natural, unfinished edge of the original piece of wood in the finished product. Live edge furniture includes bark, gnarly knots of wood, and sections of wood that retain their natural bend. Live edge tables in Hampshire are the perfect complement to interior designs which emphasise natural lines over strict, straight edges. They create a more organic look within your home, helping to generate a natural woodland feel, without compromising on style.


The term “live edge” comes from the fact that the outer portion of the tree, such as the bark and the outer rings, is the part that is alive. Trees use their outer rings to transport nutrients from the roots to the leaves while the inner rings remain dormant.


Live edge tables in Hampshire are often made from salvaged wood. Designers will find a piece of wood that would otherwise go to waste (for instance, because it’s the wrong shape to be made into regular furniture), treat it, and then turn it into something desirable, like a table.


If you’re looking for bespoke Hampshire furniture, then a live edge table is the perfect option. Live edge tables in Hampshire are all unique because every piece of wood is unique. Each section presents its own challenges and must be matched to a suitable piece of furniture. If you buy a live edge table, it will be different from every other live edge table in the world. With a live edge table, you can have something truly bespoke and unique in your home.


Working with bespoke furniture in Dorset can be a challenge. Because live edge tables use irregular pieces of wood, they require the skills of specialist furniture makers to fashion into high-quality items. Table makers have to be able to work with the shape of the wood, as given, and design a piece of furniture that is suitable for display in a person’s home. Not all attempts to make bespoke furniture in Ringwood succeed. Craftspeople often require many tries to create furniture that works seamlessly with live edge materials.


Bespoke furniture in Dorset respects the natural beautify of the material. Irregular, organic pieces of wood do not impede excellent table design: they are a partner in the creative process. The wood itself has character, and a skilled artisan should use this to create a matching table that evokes the personality of the original material. With a live edge table, you can bring a sophisticated woodland feel right into your home.


River Table


River tables are a special kind of live edge table that incorporates specially moulded pieces of glass and epoxy resin into their design for stunning effect. River tables in Dorset use custom cut glass which follows the contours of adjoining sections of wood, creating a seamless table finish. This is bespoke furniture in Ringwood at its finest.  Clear epoxy resin sits between the intersection of the glass and wood, providing a flat finish.


River tables in Dorset help to showcase the natural beauty of live edge wood without sacrificing practicality. Customers get tables with the live wood aesthetic, but without the inconvenience of having to deal with irregularly shaped surfaces. In most river table designs, the live wood sections interface seamlessly with the glass, avoiding size and shape issues.


There are many different kinds of river table from which to choose. For instance, bespoke furniture in Hampshire includes dining tables for up to eight people and others small enough to be coffee tables. River tables are often used in outdoor settings too. Natural materials make them the ideal complement to outdoor spaces, and they work particularly well next to rock gardens, vegetable patches and arbours.


River tables are named such because of the way that the glass looks as it runs between two adjoining pieces of wood. The glass looks like the water and the wood like the banks of the river. The effect is striking both indoors and out.


Most river tables create arbitrary river patterns depending on the shape of the adjoining sections of wood, but some try to recreate famous parts of rivers, for instance, the River Thames. All river tables offer something unique and interesting. They incorporate live edges to stunning effect, producing results that you and your guests probably haven’t seen before. If you like sustainable furniture that makes use of all of the tree, then river tables will certainly interest you.

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