Earlier in the year, Steve from Bournemouth, Dorset bought two pieces of wild cherry timber to start a home project. What I really like with what Steve has done is this solid build with a constant live-edge throughout. 

For more of Steve's work or one-off ideas, you can contact Steve on his Facebook page.

Peter, also from the Bournemouth area purchased a table kit from us at Wild Wood Table. as you shown in the picture, this rather impressive slab of olive-ash was milled 2002, the oak legs we milled here in The New Forest some years later.

Pete assembled the table and finished the top with a semi-matt resin finish.

The legs are New Forest area oak.  I have the last piece of this olive as in stock and the dining table kits start from £399.00.

I milled this monkey puzzle back in late 2012 after falling in love with the timber.  I love how this sands up and the sap wood knots really shine like glass.

Simon the truck mechanic from Portsmouth thought so too!

After moving into their new home, they wanted some shelves for the kitchen/utility and this is what was supplied.  


Check-out the results of Simon's skill and hard work...